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ITALGEAR has built up thirty year of experience in the production of bevel and hypoid gear sets, cylindrical gears finished by grinding, skiving or shaving, pinion shafts, flanges, gearboxes and complete transmission units.

ottimizzazione ingranaggi cilindrici
Range of products achievable
Ingranaggi Cilindrici Rettificati
Spur and helical gear finished by grinding

ITALGEAR can manufacture ground-finished spur and helical gears with a precision up to quality class 4 (DIN 3962) with a gear module ranging from 1 to 6, the pitch diameter from 10 to 360 mm with a maximum face width of 200 mm.

Ingranaggi Cilindrici Sbarbati
Spur and helical gear finished by shaving

Due to long developed experience in the control of heat treatment deformations, ITALGEAR can manufacture shaved spur and helical gears and obtain a final precision up to quality class 7 (DIN 3962). Capability is for gear module in the range from 1 to 5, with a pitch diameter up to 400 mm.

alberi o semiassi con dentature
Shafts and axle shafts

ITALGEAR manufactures shafts and axle shafts finished by hobbing or shaving, or finished by skiving or grinding after heat treatment. Module range from 1 to 4 and maximum face width of 800 mm.

Ingranaggi Gleason Rettificati
Ground finished Bevel and Hypoid Gear sets

ITALGEAR can manufacture ground-finished bevel and hypoid gear sets to a final precision of quality class 5 (DIN 3965). Gear module ranges from 1,25 to 12,7; pitch diameter from 20 to 330 mm with a maximum face width of 65 mm.

Ingranaggi Gleason Lappati
Lapped Bevel and Hypoid Gear sets

Bevel and hypoid gear sets manufactured by ITALGEAR finished by lapping are particularly appreciated by our Customers for their extremely low noise level, high precision and repeatability. Gear module ranges from 1 to 13, diameters from 20 to 600 mm, with a maximum face width of 65 mm.

Gruppi di riduzione

Upon request Italgear can also assemble components (shafts and wheels with interference, bushings, bearings) and also assemble complete gearboxes or transmission units.

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