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ITALGEAR is a leading manufacturer with a consolidated know-how and skills that allow the optimisation of cylindrical and bevel gears, through the analysis and control of vibrations to obtain extremely low noise gears. These results are obtained with a refined control of the production process through the use of advanced statistical control systems as well as the use of modern 3D CAD systems and specific gear calculation software such as GAGE, KIMOS, KISSOFT.
Through the experience of our highly skilled engineers, before the production gets the green light we make the examination and optimization of each component to obtain their best performance once in operation in the transmission or in the gearbox. These are just some of the key features that make ITALGEAR an ideal partner for customers who want to stand up through product innovation.

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ITALGEAR can provide complete consulting services in the field of engineering and designing of gears by performing verification of the performance of each single gear, up to the optimization of complete transmission units, thanks to the skills built over the time in the reduction of vibrations and noise of gears.